South Pacific Activity

South Pacific is where it all begins

Earthquakes from around the globe start in the South Pacific.  The quakes in the South Pacific increased in number, magnitude and depth starting a week after the large Mexico earthquake in 2017.  It’s a weekly cycle that is happening in the South Pacific.  It bothered me to no end why earthquakes were on a weekly cycle.  Thought about it for a long time and finally came up with an answer.  Here is the answer.

The deep quakes in the South Pacific go down into the asthenosphere.  In the asthenosphere below the plate the magma is semi hard.  When the big deep quakes strike, magma enters the fault.  When magma hardens it expands.  The process takes a week for the magma to harden.  When it hardens an enormous amount of pressure is applied to the fault and then you have another earthquake event.  The cycle is still happening.   How deep are these earthquakes?  The answer to this is 400 miles and greater. 

The only place in the world where energy transfers in all directions from a quake is in the South Pacific.  Energy transfers to Asia and then the Asia quakes spread to Europe.  Energy transfers across the Pacific plate via a fissure to South America.  Energy transfers clockwise around the Pacific plate setting off earthquakes all the way to Central America.  And energy transfers south into Indonesia and New Zealand. 

Am working on a graphic that will explain the energy flow for the entire globe.  Energy flow direction is how earthquakes are predicted.