Global Warming
Forget your global warming nonsense, that water is being heated by underwater volcanoes. Most people aren’t aware of this, but the Arctic Ocean contains untold numbers of underwater volcanoes.  I think the best explanation would be that the water is being heated by underwater volcanoes. There is no way that humans could heat the deeper waters without first heating the surface.

The Arctic Ocean is heating from below, a new study has found.  “The strength of heat coming up from below the surface has been as strong as the heat coming down from the Sun,” said the mission’s chief scientist, Jennifer MacKinnon, of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego.

A new study claims that volcanic eruptions along the ocean floor may impact earth’s climate cycle and that predictive models, including those that analyze humanity’s impact on climate change, may need to be modified.  A NASA spokesman said: "Greenland’s thick ice sheet insulates the bedrock below from the cold temperatures at the surface, so the bottom of the ice is often tens of degrees warmer than at the top, because the ice bottom is slowly warmed by heat coming from the Earth’s depths.

We all live on a thin crust that floats on a huge ball of molten iron, and at its core, the Earth’s temperature is over 9000 degrees F.  It’s pretty farfetched to think a few parts per million of CO2 can have a bigger effect that all that heat!  THE MASSIVE Greenland ice sheet is being melted as a result of heat emitted from within the Earth, rather than solely rising atmospheric temperatures, a new NASA study has claimed.  Scientists found alarmingly high areas of ice at the base of the sheet had melted and come free from the bedrock below.

Why are some area of the world are warming up and other areas see no change? I have a theory about this.  Rock is an insulator from the heat below.  There are water veins that run through the rock of the earth.  Water helps in keeping the rock cool.  With the millions of deep-water wells in the world we are lowering the water table and the rock is drying out and becoming less of an insulator.   In California water wells are going dry so deeper water wells are drilled. 

Scientists believe that 80 percent of the volcanic eruptions on Earth take place in the ocean. Most of these volcanoes are thousands of feet deep, and difficult to find.

The Artic icecap melted from bottom - up and not from top - down.