Do earthquakes transfer energy across the plates?  Seismologist say no and I believe energy does travel across the plates. Energy travels from an earthquake in a given direction and that direction depends on the location.  A deep earthquake in the South Pacific will send energy to South America and set off a quake and also send energy West and North.  An earthquake over M 4.0 that strikes the West Cost of the United States will send energy to the Midwest.  This can be predicted it will happen time and time again. 

Do earthquakes cause volcanoes to erupt?    Seismologist say no and I disagree.  6 months before the beginning phases of the St. Helens eruption there was an m 4.0 earthquake at Vancouver, Washington.  The magma chamber runs from St. Helens to the Pacific Ocean and under Vancouver.   The earthquake activity on the ring of fire on the Pacific Rim increased in the last few years.  The earthquakes happened before the volcanoes erupted.  Time and time again a big earthquake strikes and then the volcanoes erupt in all regions of the globe including Japan and Alaska. 

Do nuclear tests cause earthquakes?  The research I have without a doubt is yes, but Seismologist say no.  An earthquake will strike 24 hours to 10 days after a test.  This goes for the big quakes from the past in Mexico, California, and Afraiganstan to mention a few. When North Korea performed a nuclear test in 2006 there were 25 quakes a day and every day for a week with magnitude over M 5.0 of the coast of North Korea in the Kirill Island.