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  • Ancient Egypt - the Mythology is the most comprehensive site on ancient Egyptian mythology on the web. It features over 40 gods and goddesses, 30 symbols and complete myths. Also featured are articles about Egyptian culture and history
  • THEOI Greek Mythology Encyclopedia
  • Myth & Legends - Information about the ancient stories about gods and heroes known as myths and legends, especially those based on ancient Greece
  • Mythology - Study Guide and Homework Help - CliffsNotes
  • Probert Encyclopaedia - Mythology - A comprehensive Who's Who of the world's mythologies, arranged by tradition for easy reference. Also information on related subjects, such as amulets
  • Greek Mythology - Resources on Greek mythology and deities. Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, Myths and legends about the ancient Greek heroes. Also resources on Roman gods and goddesses and Roman mythology
  • Greek Mythology - Greek mythology offers information on the gods goddess and myths of ancient Greece, with superb student myth homework help for school papers and college essays. All about Pandora, Hercules, Jason, Odysseus, minotaur, Achilles, medusa and more
  • Mythology - Ancient/Classical History - Homework Help - AllExperts.com
  • Gods, Heroes, and Myth - This site is primarily a source for mythologies of various lands...also called religion. It focus's on the many world mythologies
  • SparkNotes - Mythology - From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Mythology Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays
  • Women in Greek Myths - A who's-who on all females in Greek mythology, with a section on Greek Men, a collection of myths, and a lot of beautiful images
  • Mythography - Mythography explores mythology and art, from the myths of the ancient Greeks and Romans to the legends of the Celts
  • Mythweb - This site is dedicated to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology
  • The Big Myth - A Flash-based learning tool on world creation mythology. In Dutch and English. Lessons are created using cooperative learning techniques
  • Occultopedia - A Treasury of Occultism, Mysticism, Supernatural, Magic, Demonology, Mythology, Psychic Powers, Witchcraft, Metaphysics, Spiritism and Pseudoscience
  • Hercules - Greece's Greatest Hero - The most popular of Greek heroes, Hercules (sometimes called "Herakles") was celebrated in stories, sculptures, paintings, and even in the geography of the ancient world. What stories did the ancient Greeks tell about his life? What were the Labors of Hercules, anyway? Who were the women, both goddesses and mortals, in his life? And where in the ancient world did he travel on his adventures?
  • Classical Myth - The Ancient Sources - This site is designed to draw together the ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology
  • Mythweb - This site is dedicated to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology
  • Internet Sacred Text Archive - This site is a freely available non-profit archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics. Texts are presented in English translation and, in some cases, in the original language
  • Bibloteca Arcana - A library of the esoteric writings of John Opsopaus and Apollonius Sophistes, relating to Graeco-Roman Neo-Paganism, magic, divination, etc. Includes rituals, theoretical tracts, hymns to the Gods, the Pythagorean tarot, etc
  • Indian Mythology - Indian Mythology is one of the richest elements of Indian Culture, which enriches it further and makes it a unique one in the world. Through generations, different stories in Indian mythology have been passed from generation to generation either by word of mouth or through carefully stored scriptures

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  • Greek Mythology - Creation - The Beginning of the World - Featuring extracts from God of War
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