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  • Hollywood Museums - A guide to the Hollywood-related museums in the Los Angeles area, from the Warner Bros. museum to Movieland Wax Museum
  • National Atomic Museum - The National Atomic Museum is the nation's only congressionally- chartered museum of nuclear science and history. Through artifacts and audio-visual presentations the museum tells the story of the nuclear age and the ongoing developments in nuclear science
  • MuseumStuff.com - Museumstuff.com is one of the world's leading gateways to museum websites, virtual exhibits, games, art, history and science activities and much more
  • The Morgan Library - Both a museum and a center for scholarly research, the Morgan Library is an extraordinary complex of buildings in the heart of New York City
  • World Wide Art Resources - Museums - Offers access to museums from all across the world. We will lead you to art museums, contemporary art centers, natural history museums, photography museums, living history museums, sculpture parks, military museums, aviation museums and craft museums to name only a few
  • Florida Holocaust Museum - Florida Holocaust Museum is dedicated to advancing public awareness, education and understanding of the Holocaust, honoring the millions of innocent people who suffered, struggled, and died in the Shoah. Virtual museum of the Holocaust. An educational resource for teachers, students and the interested visitor.
  • American Association of Museums - The American Association of Museums is the national organization representing the museum community and addressing its needs, thereby enhancing the ability of museums to serve the public interest
  • Florida Museum of Natural History - The largest natural history museum in the southern United States, holding more than 25 million specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, mollusks, butterflies, vertebrate and invertebrate fossils, Recent and fossil plants, Native American and Colonial period artifacts and associated databases and libraries in the main museum building, J.C. Dickinson Hall on the University of Florida Campus, Gainesville. Visit Powell Hall, our education and exhibition center, also on the University of Florida campus
  • Virtual Museumm of Bacteria - The Virtual Museum of Bacteria offers general and advanced bacteria information for the general public and researchers. This site has integrated hundreds of links to bacteria related resources for researchers and professional microbiologists


  • New York Historical Society - Welcome to The New-York Historical Society. The New York Historical Society is New York City's oldest museum and historical society ...
  • Museum of American Financial History - Museum of American Financial History, founded in 1988 as the nation's only museum dedicated to chronicling the role of finance and the capital markets in American history.
  • San Diego Aerospace Museum - World-Class aviation and space museum featuring over 69 historic military and civil aircraft of historical significance to San Diego and Southern California
  • South Carolina State Museum - We are a multidiscipline museum; Art, Science and Technology, Natural History and Cultural History. Our focus is on the collecting of artifacts related to the State of South Carolina.
  • 24 Hour Museum - 24 Hour Museum, UK Museums, Galleries and Heritage for Everyone, The 24 Hour Museum is the UK gateway to museums, galleries and heritage attractions. It is quality controlled which means that only museums and galleries registered with the Museums & Galleries Commission, or non-profit making galleries, historic houses and heritage attractions are included on this site
  • Burton Cotton Gin & Museum - To operate a fully accredited museum program that interprets life in an historic Texas cotton town in ways that build local pride and ownership
  • Pilgrim Hall Museum - America's Museum of Pilgrim Possessions - Pilgrim Hall Museum is a gallery museum in the center of historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. Through its exhibition of Pilgrim possessions and Native American artifacts, Pilgrim Hall tells the stories of America's founding and traditions in stirring detail
  • Salem Witch Museum - 1692 - The Salem Witch Museum's presents the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, one of the most important and tragic events in American history
  • Museum of the Fur Trade - Dedicated to preserving the rich history of the North American fur trade and combining an outstanding collection and scholarship to interpret the story of the fur trade, the non-profit museum's three galleries discuss the fur trade from early Colonial days to the present century
  • Virtual Museum of Canada - Discover many of the stories and treasures held in trust by Canada's Museums. Select a gateway and journey into Canada's rich and diverse heritage
  • The Textile Museum - Museum devoted to the handmade textile arts. Site features information on exhibitions, educational programs, textile learning center, and shop featuring gifts from around the world
  • WebExhibits - Finding the highest quality and most interesting exhibits in the internet
  • Association of Children's Museums - The Association of Children's Museums is the professional service organization that endeavors to expand the capacity and further the vision of children's museums around the world
  • Museum of Ancient Inventions - Browse this fascinating display of ancient inventions and discoveries, sponsored by Smith College and learn about the courses they offer that inspired the museum
  • The Exploratorium - The Exploratorium - a hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco. Our site provides interactive online exhibits and exhibitions, hands-on activities, Web casts, and more
  • Petersen Automotive Museum - The Petersen Automotive Museum, recognized internationally for its innovative design, is dedicated to the interpretive study of the automobile and its influence on our culture and lives
  • The Museum of Musical Instruments - Enjoy the full experience of TheMoMI.org, including animated introductions with sound, The Museum of Musical Instruments and all levels of The MPB Music Library, including Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Recommended for DSL/ISDN
  • The Museum of Photographic Arts - The MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS is one of the country's first and finest museums dedicated solely to the photographic arts. Mopa features work by some of the most celebrated photographers in the history of the medium
  • Greenland National Museum and Archives - The work of the Greenland National Museum and Archives (NKA) is spelled out in the laws about museums and archives. It is stated that part of their job is to preserve the Greenland cultural heritage. The institution is the central institution for research- and documentation of the Greenland cultural history. It is also the central archival institution for public archives and offices
  • Tenement Museum - The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is the first museum of it's kind - to preserve an actual tenement building and enshrine it as a National Historic site