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  • Archaeology 101, The Basics - The study of archaeology is a profession for an estimated 20,000 people in the world today. Do you want to become one of them? Here are resources on what education you need, what kinds of jobs there are, and what kinds of things archaeologists do
  • Archaeology Around the World - Archaeology is practiced in all of the seven continents and most of the countries in the world. Archaeologists come from many of these countries as well. Here you'll find resources both to the cultural histories of the different places in the world, as well as the research institutions and archaeologists native to those places
  • Archaeology - This site offers a news feed and leads to sites and archaeology projects of specific geographic regions and specific disciplines such as underwater and marine archaeology. They also lead to reference material, academic departments, libraries, museums, publications, organizations, and other endeavors
  • Italy - Culture History and Archaeology - Archaeology of Italy - Italy culture and history, including Italian archaeological sites and other information related to the ancient past of the modern country of Italy
  • Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation - The mission of the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) is to help individuals, communities, and organizations to identify, protect, and preserve the State's cultural resources and to foster widespread appreciation of and respect for Colorado's cultural heritage
  • The Powell Archaeological Research Center - Located Near Cahokia Mounds, the Powell Archaeological Research Center (PARC) is dedicated to saving archaeological data for future study. It has been formed by individuals concerned about the destruction of archaeological sites by ongoing development in the St. Louis area
  • Greatarchaeology - Our Greatarchaeology site provides the scientific study of peoples of the past... their culture and their relationship with their environment. The  main purpose of archaeology is to understand how humans in the past interacted with their environment, and to preserve this history for present and future learning
  • Indian archaeology - Archaeology is the study of the past by finding the remains left behind by people who lived in the past. Archaeologists try to work out what the remains mean.
  • Stephen Oppenheimer - Out of Africa human origins - Out of Africa human origins and DNA research by Stephen Oppenheimer, African origins and origin of early humans, Neanderthal man in Africa. Stephen Oppenheimer DNA research into Africa and African Origins and origin of early man
  • Archaeology - Archaeology is the study of the past by finding the remains left behind by people who lived in the past. Archaeologists try to work out what the remains mean. These can include old coins, tools, houses, and even people's garbage
  • Great Archaeological Sites - From Prehistory to the Middle Ages, history and the lives of men in times past are presented here by the most accomplished
    of specialists, in a presentation accessible to everyone. The collection is edited by the department of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • Archaeology - About.com - Our site contains archaeological information for the enthusiast, student, the working archaeologist, and the academic. Weekly columns on archaeological issues, updates on world wide excavations, book reviews, quizzes, puzzles, a guide to graduate schools, and a world atlas of archaeology on the web are just a few of the resources you'll find
  • Archaeological Research Resources - Links to historic archaeological web sites, organizations, and archaeology/anthropology web directories pointing to many more Internet resources. Links to GPS, GIS and digital mapping Internet sources. Links to online research material, journals, books, search engines and other references
  • Irish Archaeology - A guide to Irish archaeology both for the interested layman and the professional archaeologist. As the principal purpose is the provision of information, the main pages are graphics-free for fast loading and to facilitate readers using text-only browsers
  • eCulturalResources - Daily updated cultural resource news, jobs, announcements, consultants and resources. Postings for archaeology, historic preservation, museum, and architectural history. We feature a free weekly newsletter and a free webfeed
  • The Ancient City of Athens - THE ANCIENT CITY OF ATHENS is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece).
  • Archaeological Study of a Limestone Sinkhole - In partnership with the East National Park of the Dominican Republic, a team of archaeologists and scientists led by Charles D. Beeker of Indiana University has provided an initial evaluation of a mysterious sinkhole in the tropical jungle
  • Archaeolink - Provides those interested in archaeology, anthropology, and ancient civilizations hundreds of reviewed resources for any research project
  • The Archaeology Channel - Explore the human cultural heritage through streaming video. Travel through time and feel the thrill of discovery. Examine the wonderful diversity of the human experience
  • National Archeological Database Reports - The National Archeological Database, Reports module, is an expanded bibliographic inventory of approximately 240,000 reports on archeological investigation and planning, mostly of limited circulation. This "gray literature" represents a large portion of the primary information available on archeological sites in the U.S. NADB-Reports can be searched by state, county, work type, cultural affiliation, keyword, material, year of publication, title, and author
  • Via Egnatia - Site devoted to the Egnatian Way (via Egnatia) the ancient roman road through the Balkans (Albania, Fyrom, Greece, Turkey) with abstracts and photos from the book of Michele Fasolo, La via Egnatia I.
  • Theban Mapping Project - The largest Egyptological website on the Internet, offering complete coverage of the Valley of the Kings in images, text and maps. Produced by the Theban Mapping Project and directed by Kent Weeks
  • Ephesus - Ephesus is the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the world enabling one to genuinely 'soak in' the atmosphere of Roman times
  • Dive Turkey - Underwater activities, scuba diving companies and schools, underwater archaeology information... and all in Bodrum, Turkey
  • Council for British Archaeology - The CBA works to promote the study and safeguarding of Britain's historic environment, to provide a forum for archaeological opinion, and to improve public interest in, and knowledge of, Britain's past.
  • Archaeology and the Bible- -Providing archaeological evidence in support of the Bible. Our team of experts answers your questions about the Bible and archaeology.
  • Biblical Archaeology Society - The Biblical Archaeology Society has been presenting the excitement of archaeological discovery and ground breaking Bible scholarship to a popular audience for 25 years through magazines, books, videos, slide sets, tours and seminars
  • Stone Pages - Stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns and barrows: welcome to the first guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites
  • Jamestown Rediscovery - Jamestown Rediscovery is investigating the remains of 1607 Jamestown on the APVA property on Jamestown Island, Virginia
  • Perseus Project - The Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond. Collaborators initially formed the project to construct a large, heterogeneous collection of materials, textual and visual, on the Archaic and Classical Greek world
  • Ancient Mexico - Ancient Mexico is a "concise educational resource on mesoamerican art, history, and archeology
  • The "Looting Question" Bibliography - Web and Literary Resources on the Archaeological Politics of Private Collecting, Commercial Treasure Hunting, Looting, and "Professional" Archaeology
  • Secrets of the Pharaohs - Excavating in the shadow of the pyramids, archaeologists have made some extraordinary finds that may rewrite history
  • Early Monumental Architecture on the Peruvian Coast - Along the coast of Peru the earliest monumental architecture and the earliest complex societies in the Americas are evidenced. The monuments represent an important archaeological record of early socio-political organization
  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia - Written In Stone - Written In Stone: Inscriptions from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia is a jointly produced Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History and Ministry of Education, Deputy Ministry of Antiquities and Museums, National Museum of Saudi Arabia web exhibition that explores, from an archaeological and historical perspective, the formative years of writing in the Arabian Peninsula. This virtual exhibition highlights a few examples of Pre-Islamic and Islamic inscriptions in the National Museum of Saudi Arabia's collections
  • Powell Archaeological Research Center - The Powell Archaeological Research Center (PARC) is an organization dedicated to saving archaeological data for future study. It has been formed by individuals concerned about the destruction of archaeological sites by ongoing development in the metropolitan St. Louis area
  • Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen - The new Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen focuses on the archaeology of 260 AD to 750 AD in Southern Germany
  • FlintSource - Graphic database on European flint and similar materials used in prehistory for the production of chipped stone tools
  • Archaeology Fieldwork - Features employment listings in archaeology and related disciplines, field schools, free resume postings, volunteer opportunities, a students corner, and other resources for those in the internet archaeology community
  • The ancient city of Aptera - This is a website about the ancient city of aptera in Crete, Greece. Greco-Roman ruins are every where to be seen
  • Ancient Near East - Ancient Near East .Net forms a dynamic portal site evolving to meet the needs of the Ancient Near East community (scholars and laypersons alike) for content, ideas, resources and information exchange. Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, the Levant and Bible Lands, together with the Eastern Mediterranean lands, feature extensively
  • Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe - The ARGE database contains links to evaluated Internet resources (mainly web pages, but also other resources such as discussion lists) concerning European archaeology

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  • Opening a Roman Coffin - A remarkable Roman burial has been found at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK. When we lifted the lid off a three tonne stone coffin we were surprised to discover that the coffin had not filled with soil