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  • How to Find the Appraised Value of Antiques - Great-grandmother's antimacassar--is it a valuable collectible or a collector of dust? Just because something is old does not mean it's valuable. Just because it has been in your family for generations does not mean it has value to somebody else. There are many determinants of the value of your antique...
  • Antique appraisals - How to use the internet to research your antiques and collectibles value
  • Value of Antiques, Antique Worth, Appraisals, Prices4Antiques.com - A comprehensive database of antiques, collectibles and historic americana sold at auction throughout the country. Thousands of entries for furniture, china, glassware, folkart, brass, silver, iron, artwork and major antique collectibles with complete information on when, where and for what price the antique was sold. Entries have both text and photographic formats, and cover primarily american antiques with a sprinkling of english, continental, and oriental works sold in the U.S.
  • Antique appraisals - How to use the internet to research your antiques and collectibles value
  • Antique - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Antiques - Collectibles and Auction News - Get the latest news and events from world renowned authors exclusively about antiques and collectibles daily. A must read for all hobbyist and collectors!
  • AntiquesSearcher.com - The worlds biggest antiques search engine. Search for antiques to buy, antiques dealers & antiques businesses, antiques news and articles, and antiques message boards. AntiquesSearcher.com is the best place to find the antiques information you need
  • Collectics Antiques, Collectibles, Home Furnishings, Antique & Vintage Jewelry: Antique Shop & Mall, Thrift Store, Collector Books & Bookstore, Prices & Values, Directory, & Online Museum
  • Antiques and the Arts Online- A weekly newspaper serving the antiques and arts industry, collectors, and institutions. New information each week on antiques shows and auctions around the country and antiques dealer listings
  • Antiques at About - The Human Internet- An in-depth look at the hobby and business of buying, selling and trading antiques. Includes original feature articles on varied antiques topics and hundreds of links to a wide range of related topics all categorized for convenience. A discussion forum and chat room are also available for anyone interested in antiques and collecting
  • Antiquities and collectibles - Offers wide range of Antiquities and Collectibles. Product range includes antique furnishing gallery, painting and photographs from old Artwork, fine antiques like lamps, mirrors, screens and chairs
  • Antique-Central - Online directory for antique shops, dealers, auctions and collectors. Free Classifieds, Image Hosting, eZ Auction Templates, plus so much more
  • Antiques Roadshow - Antiques Roadshow Online is the companion site to the popular PBS series. At Antiques Roadshow Online you can find broadcast highlights, appraiser bios, Antique Speak, Tips of the Trade, Appraise It Yourself games, an interactive Roadshow set tour, information on auction houses, an Antiques Roadshow shop, a chance to share your own bargain-hunting stories, and much more
    • Antique-Shop.com - ANTIQUE-SHOP.COM is the premier Antique-shop Guide and interactive Events Calendar dedicated to antique shops and there specialties in the United States. Use our search engine to find the store that specializes in what you are looking for! Use our Interactive Events Calendar to find out what is going on this weekend! or enter your own event, it's Easy
    • AntiqueRestorers.com - AntiqueRestorers.Com is a Online community of restorers sharing ideas with each other and providing information and advice about the proper restoration and care of antiques, porcelain, furniture, glass, art, pottery, fine art, and fine art frames
    • Antiques Bulletin Online- Antiques Bulletin Online is a site covering many areas of interest within the antiques world, from auctions, fairs, dealers to services, buying and selling Online and more... Why not take a tour around the site and see for yourself, we know that you will be impressed with the vast amount of information available
    • Antique Web Collecting News - Antique Web Collecting News indexes antiques, collectibles, and auction news and Trade information gathered daily from over 400 publications
    • Restoration Advice - Antiques Restorations Maintenance Guide to help with Repairs of Broken, Stained, Damaged, Dented or Scratched, Furniture, Porcelain, Glass, Pictures and Paintings
    • Curioscape - The largest collection of Antiques and Collectibles Online shops
    • Bargain John's Antiques - Online Antique Shop current inventory for sale with prices. Actively buying and selling in quality American Antiques of the period from 1840-1920. Our inventory will represent some of the finest antiques of this period. A place where you can deal and be assured that there are NO REPRODUCTIONS
    • HistoricalWeapons.com - Online store selling antique and replica arms and armor, books, art prints, articles, links
    • Diana Fallacra's Prints by Harrison Fisher, Clarence Underwood, Christy, Gibson and others. Antique Victorian and vintage jewelry for men and women, books, dolls, perfume bottles, stained glass windows, tapestries, lamps, clocks, telephones and more!
    • Global Antiques - Global Antiques Holland is a direct importer of fine European antiques. Wholesale to the trade.
    • Antiques Antwerp - A comprehensive insight into the best art and antique shops in Antwerp ,Belgium
    • AntiqueTractors.com - A fantastic resource for antique tractors and their owners. Hundreds of antique tractor photos, resource pages, classified ads and more for antique tractor enthusiasts
    • Joan Bogart - Victorian antique Furniture from the Rococo, Renaissance Revival, Eastlake, Gothic, Empire, Classical & Aesthetic Periods. American Victorian pieces from makers such as Belter, Jelliff, Hunzinger
    • Antique Mystique - We have one of the largest single store pictured inventories on the internet with over 750 items in 48 categories of antiques and collectibles including advertising, furniture, toys, glassware, pottery,  petroliana, primitives, sports, books, tools, prints and more. We also offer free email, discussion boards and chat rooms for our visitors making for an antique related community environment available all on one site
    • Vintage Fans, L.L.C. Vintage Fans, L.L.C. specializes in the restoration of antique and vintage ceiling and desk fans that were manufactured in the United States from the 1890s to the 1950s

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